"Pages" is already a success: Pre-sales on Kickstarter have raised more than 20,000 euros.

This new English-language book guides you through around thirty of the most interesting big cities using the advice of bookstores specialized in innovative magazines -- and therefore always at the cutting edge of the latest trends.

It will steer you to creative communities, up-and-coming neighborhoods, authentic cafes, fascinating magazines, original artisans, design stores, and can't-miss boutiques, from Stockholm to Tokyo, Edinburgh to Lisbon, Berlin to Montreal...

There will only be 2,500 copies of "Pages" printed, and several hundred copies have already been sold. The guide will soon become a collection item.

Pre-order it today to make sure you have one! You will also receive a limited-edition "Pages" pencil.

The guide will be shipped following its release this summer. After that, it will be up to you to go exploring following the advice of the best independent bookstores.

What ?

The "Pages" guidebook is an elegant and compact 96-page book. It presents bookshops in 30 cities, where you can find the most innovative magazines. The book contains recommendations on what to read and where you'll have the most fun reading it. It’s a new and original way to discover cities and meet other magazine lovers around the world.

For whom ?

The "Pages" guidebook was designed for the print enthusiast, and on a broader level for anyone who wants to travel differently in the big cities. Around the concept of independent bookshops, it brings together a number of recommended addresses in each city as well as a selection of today’s best magazines.

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